Sunday, September 4, 2016

Poverty, Inc.

I flew into Haiti on July 20th, one year since my last visit and things are getting worse. I have to admit that the airport seemed to be in better shape, some of the roads were better, but the more I discovered, the more I realized what was really going on.

There have not yet been elections in Haiti - which are way overdue. The previous president finished his term and stepped down. The economy is the worst it has been since 1994. The time never changed with daylight saving time because no authority made the decision to change it. Many public hospitals were closed and the government money was pumped into the police force to keep things under control.

How can a country be constantly declining when its people have so much potential to be lively and creative? The Haitians that I know are energetic, naturally seeking to improve their situation and very hard workers. How is the country in such bad shape? I have been thirsting for answers because something is wrong and it is not just!

Then, Fr Robert Sirico, the founder of Acton Institute, gave me a copy of the documentary called Poverty, Inc., after we chatted about my recent visit to Haiti. In the near future I will share my reflections on this documentary, but first, I would like to share it with you and hear what you think about it.

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The full documentary can be found on Netflix, itunes and Amazon. 
Here is the trailer:

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